Reiki Therapy

The human body tends to have numerous changes, sometimes triggered by specific activities or habits. As the saying goes, your health is your wealth, and everyone wants to be healthy all the time. Many alternative therapies have been introduced to meet the rising demand for proper health. Among the treatments is Reiki therapy, also known as energy healing. Here is a highlight of the healing system.

Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is an alternative therapy in use for many centuries. Reiki Practitioners argue that it works around the energy fields within the body. Although there is some controversy about its effectiveness, there are millions of testimonials from people confirming that it worked. According to most physicians, any body part that is injured stagnates energy around it. The stagnation can result in diseases.

Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki healing activates the flow of energy by getting rid of the energy block. Better flow of energy in the body translates to pain reduction, relaxation, reduction in symptomatic illnesses. Although Reiki healing can be done anywhere, it is most suited for a quiet place. The patient lies on a table or sits on a chair according to their preference. The Reiki practitioner then gently places their hands over areas such as the head, limb, and joints. Also, he can alternatively place his hands on different areas within the body.

When the Reiki practitioner’s hands are moving over the body, energy transfer takes place. His hands become warm, and they tingle. The Reiki practitioner won’t stop until he feels that there is no more flow of energy. When that happens, he moves his hands to another part of the body.

Reiki Distant Healing

The therapy is not geographically limited since it can reach anyone. This type is known as distant healing. Practitioners will use a symbol known as a distant symbol to send Reiki energy to anyone, anywhere and at any time around the globe. When one is not present, the Reiki practitioner will use their photos to connect and release energy to wherever the owner of the photo is.

Reiki Attunement Healing

Reiki Attunement healing is a process that consumes the same energy speed used for healing during initiations. Attunement works by opening a spiritual door that allows the flow of intense Reiki energies enabling the Reiki guards to be effective. Reiki Attunement comes before the treatment session.

Reiki History

Doctor Mikau Usio founded reiki healing therapy.Most of his studies were about different healing systems. Amid his studies, he organized for his energy training in a cave. His stay in the cave lasted for 21 days, and it was on the 21st day that he experienced a life-changing event. The event enabled him to develop the Reiki healing system.


According to statistics, many people have embraced Reiki healing and have greatly benefited health-wise. Generally, it brings a sense of relaxation and heals anxiety and depressive conditions. The therapy has no harmful effects on the client. Additionally, Reiki healing is available in major hospitals with some facilities offering it for free, especially in palliative care.