Reiki Touch


If you have tried conventional forms of therapy such as physical, yoga, and exercise to elevate pain in vain, perhaps you should give reiki healing a try. Reiki healing is one of the oldest Japanese traditional energy therapy, which is growing in popularity despite skepticism in some social circles. The practice involves the transfer of energy by laying of bare hands, and it is attributed to the healing of many conditions and emotional distress. Although insurance companies rarely cover Reiki practice, some hospitals in Europe and America still offer these services, and you could find one near you if you are considering this form of healing. More from Reiki Dorchester

Reiki Energy Healing

Some medical studies involving indicates that it could be sufficient to some degree in reducing pain but no medical evidence that it could help with treating any diseases. Reiki is a Japanese phrase, and it means a miraculous sign and mysterious atmosphere which targets specific energy fields in the body. Traditionally this healing follows the belief that the reiki energy healing powers can stagnant in the body where there has been an emotional and physical injury. The healing powers could then block the bad energy that causes emotional distress and those which cause illness. When you undergo this therapy, you are most likely to experience relaxation, speed healing, and reduction of disease symptoms.

Reiki Distant Healing

Distant healing symbol in reiki healing is a Japanese character with 22 strokes, which you can memorize and use during healing. The distant healing might involve you drawing the image and using it in absentee healing, and you can use it to receive your healing powers from a distance. If you can not draw the sign on paper, you can visualize it and say its name three times, and by invocating this symbol, you get the energy flowing and receive healing.

Reiki Attunements

You might connect with the universal life force energy through the reiki attunements, where you become the vessel where the energy flows and get the abilities to practice reiki. When you finally get the opening to the main energy channels at the center of the universal source of life force, you could receive additional information and symbols that help you practice reiki. Traditional Japanese reiki healers say that everyone gets tuned when they are born as they get a flux of energy, but unfortunately, most people are unaware of this power. The attunement process you experience from practicing reiki healing could permanently connect you to the source of life energy, which helps you develop a higher level of awareness. More on Reiki Attaunements and Reiki Master.

Reiki History

Reiki healing powers are sometimes referred to as palm reading, and they are associated with the intense spiritual healing practiced by traditional Japanese healers for centuries. The modern reiki healing practices are attributed to the teachings of Mikao Usui in the early 1920s in Japan. Mikao was a dedicated monk, and he practiced Japanese spirituality and culture, which included reiki healing powers.

Before his death, Mikao taught 2, 000 students the art of healing practices, and he had many clinics in Tokyo. Takata, who was first-generation Japanese-American, brought the practice to Hawaii in 1937, which later spread to the US mainland and later to other parts of the world like Europe.


Reiki healing powers is a form of therapy that involves laying of hands and harnessing the power of life from the universe. Reiki originated from traditional Japanese healing, and it if a form of meditation that helps an individual manipulate the life forces. Reiki, according to its proponents, help aid relaxation, assist with other body natural healing processes and develop emotional health, and promote overall well-being. You could apply the therapy to elevate conditions such as cancer, heart disease, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and fatigue.